Additional Services

At AveNew, we can help you with more than buying, selling, and renting properties in Dubai. We have a vast network of property consultants, tax advisors, solicitors, and other sectors, which helps our clients to complete the entire process without any complications. We believe in walking the extra mile to ensure they get the best services without burning a hole in their pockets.

Property Negotiation-only Service

One of the most integral parts of buying a property is negotiating the price. Unfortunately, many people falter in this regard and end up paying more than the property’s worth. If you are getting our negotiation services, you can rest assured that you won’t face this issue. As a leading real estate company in Dubai, we facilitate our clients with property negotiation-only services. This means you can contact us once you have finalized the property and allow us to negotiate its price on your behalf.

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We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your own property requirements. For a non-obligatory consultation, please contact us.