A Rising Real Estate Company

Established in 2021, AveNew has created a strong presence in the Dubai real estate market in a short span of time. Due to our vast network of real estate agents and consultants and a wide range of result-oriented, consumer-centric services, we have helped numerous investors and property buyers to secure good deals in many areas of the emirate.

We work by extensively researching developments tailored to suit the particular location, demographic and market opportunity. Our team has access to flexible technology platforms and lifestyle apps linking local amenities and services for tenants. We not only offer a network for sourcing land but also assist the investors in creating the best product in the market. We have extensive knowledge of the Dubai real estate industry and can locate the appropriate site to build the best possible product for consumers and assist them in marketing and selling their products.

Our Success Lies in Satisfied Clients

For us, nothing matters more than satisfying our clients. Therefore, expect us to walk the extra mile to help you meet your investment goals in Dubai. We assure you that we have a strong working relationship with Real Estate Authority in the UAE, a long and spanning relationship with multiple real estate agencies, and a motivated team with strong work ethics.

We work on client success and believe in team cohesiveness. Our highly experienced, sharp and unquestionably successful blend of talent is the key to meeting high client expectations.


We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss your own property requirements. For a non-obligatory consultation, please contact us.