Planning & Strategy Services in Dubai

Selling a property in Dubai requires ample planning and strategizing, and we at AveNew, have got you covered in this regard. We have a strong and spanning relationship with real estate agencies in the UAE, which we optimally utilize to provide our clients with the best services. Our driven and motivated team, with a strong work ethic, full integrity, and commitment, believes in going the extra mile to ensure robust, result-bearing strategies are created for every client.

With our strategic planning services, we will help you gain a competitive edge, thereby enabling you to get increased revenue from your real estate investments. Right from setting the price of the property to positioning, conducting marketing analysis and leads management, we will help you in every regard.

What Do Our Planning & Strategy Services Include?

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  • Sales & Marketing Strategy Planning

    A sales and marketing strategy plan will be designed and created for your property(s) by our team of real estate expert.

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  • Product Market Positioning

    We will present the unique selling proposition (USP) of your properties to your target audience in a highly effective way to gain more leads.

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  • Market Analysis and Benchmarking

    Our services also include in-depth market analysis and benchmarking, which will help you gain a competitive edge.

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  • Unit Mix Management

    For property developers, we offer unit mix management services to create mixes that best suit the market demand.

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  • Broker Management Strategy

    We will help you create a strong broker management strategy, which will help you get more leads from limited resources.

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  • Product Definition and Offering

    Through our vast network of real estate agencies and the virtue of online mediums, we will help create awareness of your product offerings.

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  • Leads Management and Analysis

    Our services do not end when our clients start receiving leads. We go above & beyond by offering effective lead management & analysis services.

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  • Sales Launch Strategy

    Our team will create a strong and successful sales launch strategy to ensure you get more leads with a high conversion rate

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    Whether you’re a new property owner or a seasoned property developer with a strong portfolio in Dubai, you need strong planning and strategies to list and sell your properties. With proper planning and strategies, you will be able to sell your properties quickly and at good rates.

    Our property planning and strategy services are suitable for property sellers and real estate developers in Dubai. We can help them sell their products (properties) quickly by making strong and effective strategies.

    Property strategic planning comprises different phases, which may include strategic analysis, formulation, implementation, and monitoring. 

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