Property Management Services in Dubai

Investing in dubai real estate is a proven way to earn high returns. However, the property requires regular upkeep and maintenance and several other things, such as tenant screening, legal formalities, etc., so that it can offer you handsome returns. All these processes can prove to be daunting to manage, particularly if you’re a foreign investor.

With AveNew’s property management services, you can now bid adieu to all these hassles and get enhanced peace of mind. From taking care of all the legalities pertaining to your property to screening tenants and managing timely repairs, we will do everything on your behalf.

What Do Our Property Management Services Include?

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  • Property Evaluation & Rent Out

    Valuing and letting the property, using the most appropriate letting agents to value and market the property, referenced against our own independent research.

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  • Property Refurbishment Advice

    We will provide you with sound refurbishment advice so that you can achieve the maximum rental value from your property.

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  • Negotiating

    Negotiating is an art, and we excel in it. Our team will negotiate the rent/selling price of your property on your behalf to ensure you get the best returns.

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  • Managing Tenants

    From responding to tenants’ queries to providing effective resolutions for conflicts, we will manage your property’s tenants for you.

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  • Legal Compliance

    Our property management services include following all the legal formalities pertaining to your property to ensure compliance.

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  • Managing & Record Payments

    We maintain a comprehensive record of payments associated with the property, such as service charges, maintenance fees, etc.

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  • Timely Repairs & Maintenance

    We ensure timely repairs and maintenance of properties we manage using our broad network of trusted contractors in the region.

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  • Quarterly Reporting

    We deliver quarterly reports containing all the relevant information, such as expenses and returns to give owners key insights into the performance of their properties.

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  • Inspections

    We carry out regular bi-annual inspections of every property we manage. The respective owners are sent the inspection reports.

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  • Tenant Handovers

    We ensure effective tenant handovers so that the process remains seamless for every party involved.

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