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Cookies Policy

How We Use Cookies?

AveNew’s website uses cookies to provide our users with a good website viewing experience. The use of cookies also helps us to improve our website and distinguish individual users.

What is a Cookie?

When you visit a website, it stores a little text file called a cookie on your system or mobile device. Its main aim is to let the website remember your activities and choices over time (such as login credentials, font size, language, and other display options), saving you from having to enter them again every time you visit the site or navigate from page to page.

Please go through the cookie policy we follow in order to provide our website visitors with an enhanced experience.

The Purpose of Using Cookies:

  • To provide every visitor with the best user experience.
  • To get analytics data.
  • To improve website functionality.

The use of cookies at AveNew can be divided into two major categories. These are

  • Essential Cookies
  • Non-essential Cookies

Essential Cookies

The website cannot operate without certain cookies. They are often only established as a result of your actions that constitute a request for services, including logging in or completing forms. Some features of the website won’t function if you set your browser to block or notify you about these cookies. No personally identifying data is saved in these cookies.

Non-essential Cookies

They are further categorized into performance and functionality cookies.

Performance Cookies

They enable us to identify and tally the number of visitors as well as track how they navigate our website while using it. This aids in enhancing the functionality of our website by, for instance, ensuring that people can quickly locate what they’re searching for.

Functionality Cookies:

They provide us with the ability to count and identify visitors, as well as follow their online movements. Ensuring that users can find the information they’re looking for easily, for example, helps to improve the operation of our website.

How to change Cookies Settings?

You can undo your consent to accept cookies by following the simple process of changing the setting in your browser that allows you to prevent cookies from being placed. However, if you choose this option, you might not be able to view AveNew’s website completely. When you connect to our website, our system will issue cookies unless you have changed the settings on your browser to prevent it from accepting cookies.

At AveNew, we always want our users to be in total control of their privacy and the information they share. Therefore, we allow them to change their cookies settings at any time.